BEE the best that you can be.

After a long holiday break, 3B children returned to school looking refreshed last Monday . Here’s an overview of what they did in class.

Class Contact Time: The Mind Reading Game

English: The Blink-off

The challengers (:

Vocab: Dictionary Search

Compo: Writing with Elaborative Details

To prepare the children for the first compo writing task of the term, theywere told a story about Batman and Robin Hood. From there, they were taught how to come up with as well as answer questions that would make readers interested in their writing. After that, they did an individual mini writing task followed by a Round Robin group activity. Judging from their presentations so far, I must say that I am certainly very impressed with them. (:

Maths: The Housewarming Party Gifts

To make the learning of addition of money more interesting, pupils were told to bring  advertisment cutouts to class. Through the activity of ‘purchasing’ housewarming gifts, the children practised the skill of vertical addition. They also gained the chance to learn more about their classmates. (:

Science: Magnets, magic & more!

The little scientists went to the Science lab for the first time on Tuesday. After showing them a simple magic trick, they were challenged to create a magic show in their groups using a magnet and the materials provided. Judging from their facial expressions, they certainly had a fun time creating and presenting their shows. Additionally, they did an experiment on magnetic and non-magnetic materials.

Temperature-taking Exercise

Hope that the children have enjoyed their first week in school so far. (:


Comments on: "Welcome back to school!" (11)

  1. hannahnazhirah said:

    It was fun coming back to school. I cannot wait to learn more things!

    • I’m glad to hear that from you, Hannah. I look forward to spending another great semester with all of you (:

  2. Lim Zhiqi said:

    Ms See,the ‘Magic Show’ that we created was fun.My group(Jenna,Jeffery,Jie Qi and me)din’t finish the’Magic Show’

    • Zhi Qi it is because Jeffery kept doing himself without doing with us.

      • Joy Chua-Lim said:

        Jie Qi, all of your should work as a team. You should be Happy that your group had made up a magic show for the whole class. My group had problems too!

  3. Lim Zhiqi said:

    Jie Qi you are correct!:o

  4. It is true . We will sometimes we will have problems working together.If we cooperate well , i am sure we will work together well.:)

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